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One-to-One Herbal Health Coaching with Belle:

Sensory Herbalism is an energetic form of Herbal Medicine to encourage health and vitality.

When you embark on a healing journey with Belle, you will be guided to explore the root causes of the symptoms you would like to address. Belle will develop a tailor-made package according to your needs that may include:

  • Drop doses of herbal preparations which are used to stimulate the body’s innate healing response
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Healing tools such as rituals, diet and affirmations
  • Herbal teas, balms and creams

Sensory Herbalism treats emotional disturbances that can lead to physical complaints. Disturbances to sleep, low mood, women’s health, lack of direction in life, body pain, digestive issues even recurring bouts of tonsillitis are all physical complaints that can stem from emotional and immunological root causes.

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Working one-to-one with Belle is a great investment in yourself, giving you the opportunity to awaken your body's innate ability to heal itself guided by plants and their generous medicine. Investment:

Sensory Herbalism is a truly holistic approach to healthcare. There is no one “ magic bullet”, but over time, herbs can nudge your body sytems back into optimum health. For this reason, working with Belle takes place over a minimum of 3 sessions.

  • 1 x One to one health consultation : £65 ( 1.5 hours )
  • 2 x Follow up appointments: £60 ( 45mins – 1 hour )

Distance consultations over Skype or Zoom are available.

The consultation fee does not include the cost of the herbs which will usually be £7-£10 per week.

Belle will ask you a range of questions about the issue you would like to address and the wider picture of physical and emotional health. She will then take all this information and create a tailor-made prescription for you which may include a combination of herbs, food and lifestyle suggestions.