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Consult Your Personal Soul Sage

A session with your Soul Sage is your opportunity to address and explore that thing. That thing you have been too busy or too scared to bring into the light but that you know is stopping you from being where and how you want to be. This is the space where you can feel for yourself what is possible when you are brave enough to look inside yourself without judgement. Belle is here to hold the light for you, working intuitively along side you, guiding you to uncover your authentic inner wisdom.

Sounds woo woo? Don't worry! All you need to do is show up and:

1) be willing to be deeply honest with yourself and me
2) be open to whatever comes up in the session. (We will be exploring your conscious and subconscious patterns and often the root of what you would like to transform ends up being related to something entirely different than you imagined.)
3) be ready to take whatever steps you are presented with in the session.

This is a space with no judgement, no guilt, no shame.

This is a space that does require your engagement.  Transformation can happen in an instant when you are ready to take action.

1 x Soul Sage Coaching Session ( 60 Minutes ) £130

4 x Soul Sage Coaching Sessions £400 ( Save £120)

8 x Soul Sage Coaching Sessions £775 ( Save £265)

12 x Soul Sage Coaching Sessions £1111 ( Save £449)

Sensory Herbal Consultation

Sensory Herbalism is an energetic form of Herbal Medicine to encourage health and vitality.

When you embark on a healing journey with Belle, you will be guided to explore the root causes of the symptoms you would like to address. Belle will develop a tailor-made package according to your needs that may include:

  • Drop doses of herbal preparations which are used to stimulate the body’s innate healing response
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Healing tools such as rituals, diet and affirmations
  • Herbal teas, balms and creams

Sensory Herbalism treats emotional disturbances that can lead to physical complaints. Disturbances to sleep, low mood, women’s health, lack of direction in life, body pain, digestive issues even recurring bouts of tonsillitis are all physical complaints that can stem from emotional and immunological root causes.

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Working one-to-one with Belle is a great investment in yourself. Belle will guide your work with herbs and also help you identify and work through any emotional root causes of your situation. Gifting your body and soul herbs and clearing emotional trauma and blocks can awaken your body's innate ability to heal itself. Plants and their generous medicine are great healers and guides to get you feeling vital and whole once more.


A deep consultation (1.5 hours) and custom herbal and lifestyle prescription tailor made to your needs. Herbal remedies are included. Belle prepares these medicines with intention and ceremony using wild, hand-foraged herbs and herbs grown in her medicine garden in Cornwall.


The best results are achieved when you allow healing to unfold with the plants over time.  Belle's approach to healing is holistic. There is no one “magic bullet”, but over time, herbs and Belle's coaching can nudge your body systems back into optimum health.  Three months is a good time frame to consider.

Three month healing package:

Appointment #1:  1.5 hour initial deep consultation

PLUS 2 x Follow up appointments…

Appointment #2:  1x 1 hour soul-sage session to dive into the emotional root causes of what you are encountering and a review of your herbal prescription and adjustment if needed.

Appointment #3: 1 herbal assessment appointment to review your progress, adjust your herbal prescription and make a plan for you to use as you move forward.

The herbs that make up your herbal prescription are included in this price. Belle prepares these medicines with intention and ceremony using wild, hand-foraged herbs and herbs grown in her medicine garden in Cornwall.


Soul School

Soul School is your opportunity to work intensively with Belle as your Soul Sage and the support of a group of like-minded folk on a journey of inner-transformation. The 30-day program gives you the space to integrate plant medicine with the search for your life's purpose.

Sign up here to join the waiting list for Soul School summer 2021 and we'll let you know more when registration opens.