Belle Benfield: Sensory Herb Practitioner, Health Coach and Creative Arts Specialist ​

Belle Benfield is a sensory herbalist, Franklin Method Educator and practicing artist. Since 2009, she has lived in Cornwall, working with plants on the coast paths, in the hedges and on the moors.

Belle approaches herbal medicine as an art - working creatively with plants and her patients to find solutions to health and lifestyle issues. She is currently working in Cornwall and Bristol and can be booked to run workshops on integrating herbal medicine into your life, herb foraging walks or for one-to-one health consultations.


Belle has apprenticed alongside Karen Lawton and Fiona Heckels (The Seed SistAs) since 2011 and was one of the first graduates of the Sensory Herb Apprenticeship. She recently completed her Educator Training to teach the Franklin Method Spine and Pelvis courses.

These offer mind-body training to support good posture, alignment and longevity - teaching folk to use their bodies exactly as it was designed to be used. Belle’s art practice explores ways in which we can build resilience to austerity and the ongoing assault on our natural environment by developing the relationship between the plants that grow around us (or that we cultivate), our bodies and well‐being.

She has a background in delivering creative community-based projects and is happy to discuss ideas you might have about creative events, installations or residencies that aim to get people engaged with plants and growing food and medicine. Creative events, artist residencies or workshops can be tailored to individual needs from £150-450 per day.