Soul Sage,

Sensory Herbalist

Illuminating your inner wisdom and your body's ability to heal.

What would you change or finally get done if you had the time and space to hear your deepest calling clearly? 

Are you ready to shift that lingering health challenge? 

Are you tired of being tired or looking to jump off your emotional rollercoaster?

If you're ready to shift what is blocking your happiness, but need some help and support to do it, you are welcome here!


You have the wisdom you need to tackle the big and small stuff in your life, Belle is here to guide you back to that wisdom.  Consult your SOUL SAGE in a one-off session about something in particular or book a group of sessions to create lasting change in your life.


If you are looking to feel deeply connected to the Earth, to your body and to good health, herbal medicine may be the piece of the puzzle you have been missing. In your SENSORY HERBAL CONSULTATION, we will establish your personal herbal prescription to restore balance in your physical and emotional health.


is your opportunity to work intensively with Belle as your Soul Sage and the support of an intimate group of like-minded folk also on a journey of inner-transformation.  The program includes online masterclass intensives, unlimited laser-focused coaching calls with Belle and your own tailor-made herbal medicine.  Working as part of a group brings profound healing and offers exceptional value.

Belle Benfield

Soul Sage & Sensory Herbalist

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Success Stories

Belle's support is genuine, abundant and giving and her insight in to herbal medicine is inspiring, uplifting and comforting.

She provides a range of healing tools from plant medicines, practical exercises, emotional support and guidance, to simply listening and providing a safe space to explore the causes of your ill health.

I feel like I have been listened to, understood and treated as a whole, and with Belle’s support and plant medicine prescriptions I am finally, truly healing!