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One-to-One Herbal Health Coaching

with Belle:

Sensory Herbalism is an energetic form of Herbal Medicine to encourage health and vitality.

When you embark on a healing journey with Belle, you will be guided to explore the root causes of the symptoms you would like to address. Belle will develop a tailor-made package according to your needs that may include:

  • Drop doses of herbal preparations which are used to stimulate the body’s innate healing response

  • Lifestyle coaching

  • Healing tools such as rituals, diet and affirmations

  • Herbal teas, balms and creams

Sensory Herbalism treats emotional disturbances that can lead to physical complaints. Disturbances to sleep, low mood, women’s health, lack of direction in life, body pain, digestive issues even recurring bouts of tonsillitis are all physical complaints that can stem from emotional and immunological root causes. Working one-to-one with Belle is a great investment in yourself, giving you the opportunity to awaken your body's innate ability to heal itself guided by plants and their generous medicine.


Sensory Herbalism is a truly holistic approach to healthcare.  There is no one “ magic bullet”, but over time, herbs can nudge your body sytems back into optimum health.  For this reason, working with Belle takes place over a minimum of 3 sessions.

1 x One to one health consultation : £65  ( 1.5 hours )

2 x Follow up appointments: £60  ( 45mins – 1 hour )

Distance consultations over Skype or Zoom are available.

The consultation fee does not include the cost of the herbs which will usually be £7-£10 per week.

Belle will ask you a range of questions about the issue you would like to address and the wider picture of physical and emotional health.  She will then take all this information and create a tailor-made prescription for you which may include a combination of herbs, food and lifestyle suggestions.

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07818 430 241

What Belle's Clients Say:

I have a 4 year old son called Joey who describes Belle as the 'Medicine Lady'.

Belle and her herbal preparations are the first thing I turn too when in need of a remedy for all the little and not-so-little childhood illnesses as well as my own health.  Belle's support is genuine, abundant and giving and her insight in to herbal medicine is inspiring, uplifting and comforting.  As well as supporting my 4 year old since birth, Belle has also mentored and supported my own personal and emotional history with herbs that have been a real sanity saver. Belle's herbal preparations supported me after the birth of my son, with my son's severe colic and reflux problem and has helped in so many supportive ways since her graduation. We have both remained without colds and completely healthy for over a year now - and we put it down to her immune boosting remedy and the love. care and attention that she adds in the way Belle concocts the medicinal herbs.

Anna S., Cornwall UK

From the first time I met Belle for a consultation I could feel a shift beginning in terms of my health. She is warm, kind, caring, perceptive, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable about physical and emotional healing in combination with plant and herb therapy. I consider her approach to be soft but firm, which is exactly what I personally need to heal myself. She provides a range of healing tools from plant medicines, practical exercises, emotional support and guidance, to simply listening and providing a safe space to explore the causes of your ill health. After many years of tackling my poor health and related issues with medication and clinical talking therapies, Belle has been able to tap into previously unearthed parts of me. The combination of her support and the ingestion of herbal medicines is leading me down a path of healing I was beginning a feel was impossible.
In addition to the one-to-one herbal therapy I have been receiving from Belle, I have also attended one of her herbal workshops. I was inspired by the way she delivered the material in such a passionate and natural way. She adjusted the content and the level of detail to the needs of the group, and provided an informative, interesting, practical and insightful day of herbal immersion.
Herbal medicine is so much more than a prescription to cover up a symptom of ill health. I feel like I have been listened to, understood and treated as a whole, and with Belle’s support and plant medicine prescriptions I am finally, truly healing!

A. M. Worcester UK